Top 5 Awesome Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Making use of the proper kind of time tracking software has countless advantages for any company.

In any company, one of the most challenging tasks is trying to keep track of how employees are spending their time or how much they spend on each task. If you don’t track the progress regularly, chances are that they might be whiling away their time doing nothing. 

No matter how large or small your business is, keeping track of all your employees, tasks, and in general all aspects of your business is a “must” you should implement to boost your company to a high level. These apps can track all team activity, tasks, employee vacations, time entries and time outs, and much more! 

Businesses who use time tracking tools find increased productivity in their team, which leads to increased benefits. Making use of the proper kind of time tracking software has countless advantages for any company.

Here we’ll show you the top 5 benefits of using time tracking tools for your business. Before we begin, let’s define what “time tracking tool” is.

Time tracking tool is a web or/and mobile app software that  tracks the time and resources spent on a particular task or tasks by an employee or a group of employees.

Now that we know what it is, let's move on to the top 5 benefits. 

1. Keep Track of How Your Employee Spend Their Time

Help your team to manage their tasks better

With a time tracking software tool  you get the full picture of how, where, and when your employees spend their time and help them to set the priorities right.

2. Transparency and Productivity

These tools create a climate of transparency and security between employees and your company, they avoid fraudulent or poorly paid hours and prevent doing overtime without being accounted for or paid, which makes your employees feel much safer and confident. 

When your employees feel safe and happy in your company they increase their productivity at work. 

Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK found that people who are happy at work are approximately 12% more productive. Shawn Anchor, author of the book The Happiness Advantage, measured the benefits of a happy company and found that sales increased by 37%, productivity by 31% and task precision by 19%.

3. Easy to use and improves your management skills

Usually, these management tasks require a lot of time and paperwork therefore companies hire specialist people to perform these tasks.

With these high technology tools, anyone is able to use them in simple steps, which allows you to save personnel costs and at the same time, improve your skills in management tasks. In the same way, these tools don't require a lot of dedication, which means they won't take up much of your work time.

In addition, your employees collaborate in the process, themselves submit their time entries and time outs in the same application and also they can manage and view their tasks and make full reports.

4. Save Time

With a manual system you need more time and dedication to manage and control all your management tasks, spending hours and hours to manage each of your employees, clients and tasks, not to mention if you’re a big company because the hours of dedication are massive.

Software tools can process large data in a fraction of the time that on a manual system, which benefits you significantly if you’re a huge company looking to manage vast amounts of data.

5. Avoid Confusions Between You and Your Employees

By having everything under control, you know what task each employee has done or is doing and, in case of confusion or problem you'll know who to go to, avoiding asking around the office who's responsible or preventing employees from blaming each other.

These applications usually include helpful reports, where employees update their task status or task owner with their manager and clients.

In conclusion, these top 5 benefits help to showcase a portion of the advantages of using time management systems. Most businesses find this software to be an invaluable tool. It can reshape the way you handle scheduling and payroll. 

We suggest and encourage you to try this new methodology by the hand of our time tracking tool Bclok, where you’ll have these features and much more for free! Request a free consultation today!

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